Enjoy 30% off over a quarter of the inventory!
You may be wondering why a quarter of the inventory is 30% off. Well, I'll tell you! You recall my shop was closed for 3 months this year. Well, next year my shop will be closed for 6 months over the winter. So some of this inventory has to go!
The reason is, my husband has had his spinal cord injury for over 40 years now and the time has come for him to see some more specialists. The best facility in the country is in Denver - Craig Hospital. So we will be spending November through April there this winter.
In order for my shop to be open just six months this year, some of this inventory has to go - I'm thinking about a quarter of the inventory. So that means, that 1/4 of the bolts will be 30% off! Look for the blue line through the top of the bolt. That means any amount of fabric from that bolt is 30% off. No minimum. Approximately 150 bolts of fabric at 30% off!
You may have heard me say, "To ensure MISERY, strive to achieve perfection in all that you do." I even have a poster on my cork board that says this. It relates to quilting, as it does in life. When we try to be perfect, we will become frustrated. So please understand that I'm not perfect, and even though I will only be open six months (May through October), I will still try to be the best I can and still get the best fabric I can find for you, my customer.
My focus will inevitably have to change during this transition. I will focus on summer activities and perhaps hold weekly craft classes. I will continue to purchase northwoods fabrics and basics lines. I will be keeping the Jinny Beyer palette, northwoods fabrics, Christmas fabrics, flannels, canvas and all the notions. Since I soooo love batiks, I will also keep batiks in stock. But, to your gain, the rest has to go! It will remain 30% off until they're gone. No further mark-ups will occur.
I have new Christmas fabrics arriving any day. A new line of northwoods deer panel has just arrived, "High Ridge Crossing" (shown above). I have a new chickadee fabric, "Winter Powder". More basic prints are also on the way. So my shop is just slimming down a little but new fabrics will continue to arrive.
The only constant in life is - "change". So as I change the shop, please understand that I appreciate your patronage and look forward to catching up with all of you when I see you soon.
Hours through May: Wednesday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; and Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
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